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Industrial Hygiene Sampling Kits

Make testing simple and protect your stakeholders with industrial hygiene sampling kits from SGS.

Our application-specific field sampling kits contain everything you’ll need to perform your sampling easily and efficiently. When you order one of our kits, it will be shipped to you complete, containing everything you need to collect samples – pumps, media, tubing and additional accessories.

Our comprehensive range of sampling kits include:

  • Hydrofracking Kit – an all-in-one personal sampling kit for all contaminants associated with hydrofracking drill sites. The kit contains all components and is adaptable to meet your specific needs – from just silica and noise to VOCs, SO2, acids and metals
  • MSHA 30 CFR Testing – for operators of quarries, gravel pits, aggregate pits and metal/non-metal mines, our low cost MSHA self-compliance kit provides everything you need to comply with dust and silica surveys, as required by 30 CFR 56.5002, and noise surveys, as required by 30 CFR 62.110. Using our kit will demonstrate your compliance when you are next visited for MSHA inspection. Evidence of potential exposures can be reviewed by our air monitoring experts, who will help adapt your kit to capture additional contaminants of concern
  • Formaldehyde Testing Kit – a simple kit for testing formaldehyde levels in a home. Organizations, such as OSHA, EPA and ACGIH, have imposed or suggested airborne exposure limits for this colorless gas because it is a known human carcinogen. Our kits will let you assess whether your home is above or below recommended levels. Three kits are available:
    • One Badge Kit – determine the level of formaldehyde exposure in your home
    • Two Badge Kit – determine the difference between rooms with and without laminate flooring
    • Three Badge Kit – determine the difference between two rooms and a field blank for better defensibility

    Once your sample is submitted, it will be returned within three days along with a report containing your AIHA Accredited Analytical Results in PPM and an explanation of the results including whether formaldehyde was ‘Detected’ or ‘Not Detected’

  • TO-17 Kit – to more accurately meet the updated TO-17 protocol, we have introduced a lower volume screen tube to replace the glass charcoal tube – creating better data in cases of highly contaminated samples
  • LEED Indoor Air Quality Testing Kit – a component of the LEED green building rating system, our kit contains everything you need to conduct the Indoor Environment Quality air test – integrating active and real-time sample in one simple kit that meets all USGBC criteria

Why choose SGS?

As the world’s leading testing, inspection, testing and certification company, we have developed a range of effective, cost-efficient sampling kits that conform to all relevant standards. All our kits are delivered complete, allowing you to take you samples easily and with peace-of-mind.

To learn more about industrial hygiene sampling kits, contain your local SGS office.

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