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ICTI Ethical Toy Program

Demonstrate your organization’s compliance with ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) requirements with an IETP audit from SGS.

The IETP, from the ICTI CARE Foundation, is known for its robust social compliance Factory Certification, Remote Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Assessment Programs, their wide range of capability-building programs and scalable worker wellbeing initiatives. With 18 years’ experience, they support their members to achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and commitments.

Our IETP audit demonstrates your commitment to ethical standards and adherence to IETP's Code of Business Conduct.

Trusted audits from an IETP-accredited body

As an IETP-accredited body and world-leading certification, inspection, testing and verification company, our global network of experts and testing facilities can help you to comply and maintain compliance with the IETP Code of Business Conduct.

Our IETP certification services save your organization time and money by avoiding multiple audits, increasing productivity and product quality.

Many major toy brands and retailers accept audits against this code, which covers 14 key elements:

  • Audit process
  • Business ethics
  • Employment practices
  • Special protections
  • Working hours
  • Compensation
  • Disciplinary practices
  • Forced and prison labor
  • Discrimination
  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Facilities
  • Fire and emergency
  • Environmental, health and safety (EHS)
  • Dormitory and canteen

Why choose IETP audits from SGS?

Our audits enable you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to ethical standards
  • Show compliance with IETP's Code of Business Conduct
  • Incorporate best practice
  • Implement effective control measures across your supply chain

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