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Furniture Inspection

SGS furniture inspection services reduce risk and improve quality and quantity control from raw materials to the finished product.

Carried out by experienced inspectors, all of whom specialize by product range, our furniture inspection services deliver written reports immediately on completion detailing our findings on product:

  • Assembly
  • Finish/color
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Labeling and marking

Our Furniture Inspection Services

Furniture is developed to meet quality, safety and durability requirements. To verify these attributes in furniture, its raw materials and manufacture throughout the supply chain, we offer a range of furniture inspection services from pre-production to final product and loading. These include:

  • Pre-Production Check – Ensures raw materials (wood, metal, etc.) and components are checked before production so that the risk of non-compliance with product specification is reduced
  • Initial Production Check (IPC) – A visual check on the quality of pre-series furniture at the beginning of production, against the clients’ specifications, technical drawings and type sample
  • During Production Check (DUPRO) – A check on the dimensions of components, quality of materials and finished products during manufacturing
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI) – A detailed visual inspection on randomly selected finished products. FRI covers the quality (product appearance, performance, workmanship), quantity, packaging, labeling and shipping mark
  • Loading Supervision (LS) – Supervised loading of containers to ensure that the goods checked via a Final Random Inspection are those shipped to the intended recipient (In addition, at the client’s request, containers can be secured with SGS seals after loading, to reduce the risk of product substitution)

The Benefits

An effective inspection program means products are checked for specifications and customer specific requirements. Our furniture inspections:

  • Enable corrective actions for any non-conformities to be implemented before completion of the whole assignment
  • Reduce the risk of product failure
  • Verify quality (materials, manufacturing, finish)
  • Reduce after sale service due to production deviation

Why choose SGS?

When it comes to inspection services, SGS has an international reputation for first-class service delivery. There is no better partner to help with your inspection needs.

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