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Furniture Consultancy and Technical Services

Assembly instruction reviews, assessments of safety and risk, as well as training and seminars help your furniture products and mattresses to meet regulatory requirements.

Meeting the ever-increasing number of regulations, which differ across geographic regions, makes technical demands of businesses and can be a drain on resources, or require skills that companies often do not have.

Our consultancy and technical services include:

  • Safety and risk assessment as some hazards may not be covered by the standard
  • Assembly instruction review based on good practice, or a specific standard
  • Training and seminars adapted to your needs and on a subject of your choosing

Our experts can devise a program based on your specific needs for all major markets. We will take into consideration standards and regulations relevant to specific products in your destination markets. 

Employ our consultancy services to deliver furniture products that meet customer and consumer expectations. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business.

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