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FITcert – Certification for Quality in the Fitness Industry

Ensure that your fitness center or club operates to optimum health, safety and hygiene standards with a FITcert audit from SGS.

Independent certification for quality in the fitness industry

FITcert can help fitness centers and clubs attract and keep clients by upholding the highest standards based on the new European quality standard – EN 17229 (requirements for fitness center amenities and operation).

Your organization is assessed by an independent body certified to ISO 17020 (conformity assessment for bodies performing inspections). Gaining FITcert certification demonstrates that your business operations comply with EN 17229 quality guidelines.

What are the benefits of FITcert certification?

Certification can lead to:

  • A transparent system demonstrating that your facility is professional and responsible regarding health, safety and hygiene
  • Various training and education opportunities for staff to maintain and improve standards
  • A competitive edge to stand out from other fitness clubs

Five stages to FITcert certification

  • Stages 1-2: Preparation and self-assessment (can be done simultaneously)
  • Stage 3: Conformity assessment
  • Stage 4: Full club certification
  • Stage 5: Re-certification

Why choose SGS to perform your EN 17229 audit?

As a world-leading testing, inspection and certification company with experience in virtually all industries, we can guide you through the stages and help your facility develop and improve, whatever your size or setup.

Our people speak the language, understand the culture of the local market and act globally in a consistent, reliable and efficient manner.

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