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Environmental Site Assessments

Evaluate the potential impact of environmental liabilities on your investments with environmental site assessments from SGS.

In today’s volatile market context, the identification of an asset’s environmental risks is imperative prior to acquisition. Environmental site assessments detail a site’s liabilities and evaluate the requirements for clean-up operations, helping you to understand the true value of a site.

SGS Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Services

Our Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) service keeps you fully informed during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or divestiture processes, helping you to make informed decisions that financially benefit your business. EDDs provide immediate guidance on how to structure your transaction and frame the environmental management of new acquisitions to increase returns.

SGS’s provides Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments.

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – based on ASTM standard with possible adaptation to meet specific scope requirements. Includes:
    • Records Review: obtain and review records that help in the identification of the asset’s potential environmental issues
    • Site Reconnaissance: a site walkthrough to identify Areas of Potential Concern (AoPCs) for the presence of contamination
    • Interviews with site managers with detailed knowledge of the site
    • Reporting on the environmental concerns and liabilities of the site, including, where necessary, recommendations for additional assessments (Phase II ESA
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment – Phase II ESA includes ‘intrusive’ site investigations, i.e. sample collection at AoPCs recommended in Phase I ESA (soil and groundwater, potentially asbestos containing material, etc.). Samples are then analyzed against suspected parameters and the analytical are results compared to local or international threshold values. Advice on possible consequences and solutions to remediate are provided when thresholds are exceeded
  • Phase III Environmental Site Assessment – additional investigations based on Phase II ESA recommendations

Why choose SGS?

With a worldwide network of environmental specialists operating in over 100 territories, we have the local expertise you need to assess any site before acquisition or divestiture. We have extensive experience of testing, sampling, monitoring and dispersion modeling to help you fully understand the nature and extent of contamination on your site. Our comprehensive appraisals will allow you to identify risks to human health and the environment and define remediation options and risk management measures.

To learn more about environmental site assessments, contact your local SGS office.

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