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EHS Compliance Audits

Promote your environmental, health and safety (EHA) record with SGS’s compliance audit services.

Globalization means corporations are finding themselves liable for EHS practices at all sites and across all geographies. End customers believe corporations have the responsibility to assess the EHS policies of suppliers to ensure they operate effectively and responsibly to safeguard workers and protect the environment. Corporations can find they are held partially accountable for failures by their suppliers.

Local regulations vary significantly between countries, with some being stringent and some being minimal. Accidents or environmental damage in countries lacking robust EHS regulations will not only disrupt supply chains, but also damage a company’s reputation.

SGS EHS Compliance Audits

We offer a range of EHS audits, including:

  • Local regulatory compliance audits
  • Gap analysis against corporate standards and policies
  • Sector-based good practice or IFC Principles (Equator Principles) audits
  • Supply chain audits against a predefined benchmark and tailor-made training modules to raise your supply chain level of compliance

Our experts identify and report on major and minor non-compliances. They also provide recommendations on the actions to be taken to remediate such non-compliances, when acting as second party auditors.

If your organization requires multisite audits, our auditing teams can produce synthesized results on a central digital platform with private web access.

Why choose SGS?

With a global network of highly-trained EHS auditors, we can help you control and improve your EHS practices and those of your supply chain.

We offer a one-stop-shop solution for improving and promoting EHS regulatory compliance along your supply chain.

To learn more about EHS compliance audits, contact your local SGS office.

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