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Ecology/Wildlife Surveys

Ecological surveys from SGS – providing surveys as part of planning applications or to investigate unexpected appearances of protected species.

There are many reasons why you might need to survey a site for wildlife/ecology and many types of survey can be carried out. Our ecologists and experienced environmental consultants – both in-house and approved partners – enable us to deal with your exact requirements.

Why Choose Ecological Surveys From SGS?

We can provide an ecological survey:

  • As part of an Environmental Aspects and Impacts assessment for an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • As part of a planning application for Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 developments requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • To maximise BREEAM/Code points of a planned Sustainable Homes construction
  • To investigate the unexpected appearance of potentially protected species during a construction or demolition project

Trusted Ecological Surveys From a World Leader

As a leading provider of ecological surveys, we offer you unrivalled expertise, accurate results and precise reporting. We offer a range of approaches, including Phase 1 habitat surveys, specific surveys and more.

Phase 1 habitat surveys

A Phase 1 (scoping) habitat survey may be requested by the local planning authority to accompany a planning application or form part of an Environmental Statement. This survey means that any ecological constraints in a project or design are addressed at an early stage, avoiding costly delays.

This type of survey is also important in conducting BREEAM/Code for Sustainable Homes as it establishes baseline biodiversity, informing enhancement or remediation plans.

Phase 1 surveys are designed in partnership with you, closely tailored to your proposed development and objectives to ensure an effective service. Phase 1 surveys are carried out in accordance with Joint Nature Conservation Committee guidance, but other assessments may be included as appropriate. As a result, we can highlight many potential ecological issues in one comprehensive survey.

Specific surveys

There are numerous instances where specific species or types of organism or habitat are surveyed. We can tailor our surveys to your exact requirements, for example:

  • Road embankment surveys – for red squirrels or badgers
  • Habitat surveys – to identify valuable ecosystems
  • Botanical surveys
  • Migratory bird surveys (relevant migration periods only)
  • Protected species surveys – badgers, red squirrel, great crested newt, water vole, otter, barn owl and other protected bird species, reptile surveys for grass snake, lizards, slow worms, and more
  • Dedicated bat surveys carried out by licensed bat handlers, both internal and external

Organic approach

A great deal of British wildlife is secretive by nature. Regularly, a survey of one protected species may lead to the discovery of evidence of another. For example, while surveying for bats, a long-eared owl roost may be identified. When this occurs we will immediately inform you and advise on any required changes to our remit.

From the results of our surveys, we can:

  • Advise on action to improve the wildlife value of a site
  • Mitigate any damage or relocate species within the development
  • Produce a comprehensive habitat management plan

Our surveys and reports can be adapted to suit any requirement and objectives.

To find out more about our ecological survey services, contact us today.

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