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Dust Assessments

Dust assessments from SGS – identify dust levels from quarrying, construction work, civil engineering, landfill and demolition activities.

Fine particles can be carried from sites – even in light winds. As a result, they can have an adverse effect on the local environment, on the health of local residents and on those working on site. Nuisance dust emissions from quarrying, construction work, civil engineering, landfill and demolition activities can have a major impact on residential housing areas and motorways. They can also affect water ecology, such as streams, springs, lakes and ponds, and cause groundwater pollution.

Our dust assessment services provide British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) qualified consultants to measure and manage dust from quarrying, construction and demolition sites across the country.

Why Choose Dust Assessments From SGS?

Our services can help you determine whether your dust levels meet the required guidance ranges from best practice and legislation, such as:

  • BREEAM: the environmental assessment method for buildings around the world
  • The UK Air Quality Strategy; the Air Quality Regulations 1997
  • UK Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations
  • The European Commission Directive 80/779
  • Directive 96/62/EC Ambient Air Quality

Precise Testing and Accurate Results

As a leading provider of dust assessments and investigations, we offer you unrivalled expertise, accurate results and precise reporting.

We use the Frisbee Dust Deposit Gauge method for the determination of deposited ambient dust fall. This method collects the various particulate incidentally released from any source. Substances such as soot (carbon), asphalts, soil (sand, silt and clay), metals, and inorganic salts (sea salt), varying in size and shape, can be detected by this passive monitoring system.

Once prepared, the report is used to advise you on how to prevent, limit or manage ongoing dust release and on subsequent monitoring to review the effectiveness of management actions implemented on a regular basis.

To discuss your dust assessment requirements, contact us today.

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