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Antibacterial UV Protection and Functional Treatment

SGS conducts a variety of tests that support the manufacturing of high performance textiles and functional clothing.

Using the latest techniques and equipment, our skilled lab technicians deliver results that improve the quality of your fabrics and finished articles – helping your business to thrive. Thanks to our expertise in this area, we can perform accurate antibacterial tests, UV protection tests or other investigations regarding functional performance.

Antibacterial Testing

Functional performance is determined by freshness, comfort and hygiene factors, so these underpin our tests on the antibacterial treatments (including anti-odor systems) added to your fabrics.

We can apply qualitative and quantitative methods to your samples, testing to industry standards – e.g. American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) – in both cases:

  • Qualitative test standards: AATCC 147; EN ISO 20645
  • Quantitative test standards: JIS L 1902; AATCC 100

We use a qualitative approach as a screening procedure to evaluate the presence of antibacterial activity, and a quantitative methodology for more in-depth studies. To obtain this additional level of detail, we evaluate the sample in terms of bacteriostatic value in comparison to a control sample.

UV Protection Testing

With growing public awareness about the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun, some sectors of the textile industry responded by developing ultraviolet (UV) protective clothing. While baby clothes and children’s swimwear initially dominated this niche market, UV fabric manufacturers now produce lightweight and breathable adult-wear that is also functional and fashionable.

If you create UV protection fabrics and/or garments, our rigorous testing can help you raise the quality of your outputs and achieve your commercial aims. For example, because our tests are acknowledged by the world’s standards authorities, you can use our results as the scientific proof behind your marketing claims.

Contact SGS now to find out how we can test your functional treatments according to international standards and provide results that improve fabric quality and performance.

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