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Addressing Uncertainty in Your Temporary Labour Supply – Workshops

Learn about new challenges in the temporary labour market and how to adapt to them successfully.

Businesses that depend on temporary labour are facing many challenges. Companies are more reliant on agency workers than ever before, and they must adapt to a combination of new circumstances to ensure they are in the best shape to remain productive, profitable and ahead of the competition.

Addressing Uncertainty in Your Temporary Labour Supply, a series of interactive workshops, provides unique insights into the current labour market and the future labour environment. You will learn how to use informed decision making to ensure that your business takes the necessary steps to ensure future success while protecting your workers and your brand.

Why choose Addressing Uncertainty in Your Temporary Labour Supply workshops from SGS?

Businesses that rely on temporary labour need a strong understanding of challenges in the market and must be aware of the potential impact of future cost increases and regulatory changes. These workshops will provide you with a clear view of impending changes and their implications. You will:

  • Examine your organisation’s current dependence on temporary labour and its management of the supply
  • Self-assess the maturity of your organisation against suggested criteria and examples of best practice
  • Identify meaningful actions and create a practical roadmap for increasing efficiency and supporting sustainable growth


On completing these workshops, you will have a good understanding of:

  • The current labour market
  • Regulations and standards relating to temporary labour
  • The risk of modern slavery in your supply chain
  • Potential impacts of cost increases and regulatory changes
  • The political landscape and impending challenges
  • How to ensure your brand is protected
  • The steps you must take to become an employer of choice

Tailored Solutions Taught by Expert Trainers

At SGS, we have a wealth of experience developing and delivering tailored solutions for delivering change and ensuring success. With expert trainers who are practitioners in their fields, our training moves beyond theory to provide valuable real-world insights.

Contact us today to find out more about Addressing Uncertainty in Your Temporary Labour Supply.

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