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Workplace Exposure Risk Assessments

Ensure compliance with current Health & Safety regulations and advice, improve productivity and protect employees with workplace exposure risk assessments from SGS.

Work-related injuries and illnesses significantly impact both employee and employer – incapacitated employees are less productive, adversely affecting your bottom line. In addition, the public perception of a business can be negatively affected by health and safety and environmental issues.

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Managing risk in the workplace is a vital part of health and safety supervision in the workplace. 

SGS Workplace Exposure Risk Assessment Services

Our multidisciplinary Health and Safety (HS) specialists offer a range of services to help businesses ensure compliance with current HS regulations and advice.

Services include:

  • Hazard identification – we inspect your day-to-day operations and process changes to identify conditions, objects, activities and/or events that may pose a threat to personnel, materials, equipment or structures, thus reducing productivity
  • Identification of risk groups – one hazard may be categorized in more than one risk group. Our experts will help you understand the need for segregation of risk groups to improve the value of your risk assessment and provide better focus for control activities
  • Evaluating risk levels – prioritizing hazards in terms of risk determines which must be controlled first. Our HS operatives consider each article or process using three main questions:
    • Hazard – what can go wrong?
    • Severity – how bad could it be?
    • Likelihood – how often might it happen?
  • Documentation – our specialists will ensure you have the correct documentary evidence to prove hazard identification, identification of risk groups and evaluation of risk levels have all be performed correctly – fulfilling regulatory and organization management system requirements
  • Periodic review of risk assessments – providing ongoing support to businesses to ensure hazards have not changed in their risk group or level and that new hazards have not been introduced
  • Application of different models – our specialists can help you choose the optimal workplace exposure risk assessment model for your business. Techniques might include data-driven (quantitative) and qualitative processes, such as observations, discussions, interviews and brainstorming

Working with our specialists, you can be assured your workplace exposure risk assessments will be accurate and cost-effective, allowing you to better manage your resources and returns on your prevention investments.

Why choose SGS?

With HS specialists from diverse backgrounds, we can provide you with expertise that is specific to your industry or sector. Our global network of EHS experts operate in territories around the world, meaning you will receive local know-how backed by international expertise.

To learn more about workplace exposure risk assessments, contact your local SGS office.

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