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Traditional and Mechanical Sampling

Sampling is one of the most important steps in the analysis of bulk cargo. Proper sampling will eliminate bias and ensure that the analytical results represent the entire cargo.

SGS has the experience and expertise to conduct traditional and mechanical sampling on a wide range of bulk commodities. Our teams have extensive experience in manual, auger or mechanical sampling in ports and transportation hubs around the world.

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SGS is synonymous with the highest levels of integrity, impartiality and accuracy. Our global teams of professionals work with you to review and evaluate your needs. We can discuss your clients’ specifications and the application of any and all applicable industry standards. Regardless of your commodity, location, or shipment size, SGS applies the same standardized approach that results in accurate, truly representative results from manual, lance, auger or mechanical sampling approaches.

SGS bulk cargo sampling services help you eliminate sample contamination and bias, resulting in an accurate, cross-sectional representation of your overall quality. Contact SGS for bulk cargo sampling results that you can trust.

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