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Specialty Testing and Forensics

New contaminant? Novel matrix? Complex samples? SGS can help.

Our specialty method development team brings together decades of experience in three Centers of Excellence – Antwerp (Europe), Sidney (Canada) and Wilmington (USA). They develop accurate, precise and affordable testing methods to solve our clients’ more unique requirements – developing testing methods for new compounds, analytes and matrices.

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SGS Specialty Testing and Forensics Services

We offer:

  • Fully validated methods for your sample matrix, in the concentrations ranges expected, including testing with field examples – even in complex sample matrices
  • Methods designed for the purpose of your intended project, including custom target analyte lists to help you manage the overall cost of research
  • Methods that incorporate QA/QC protocols analogous to those in international regulatory methods (e.g. USEPA 1600 series methods)

Incorporating prior published science with our own analytical experience we optimize each component of a method to ensure its robustness and overall performance. We validate and compile that method into the tools necessary to conduct repeat testing and defensibly to exacting international QA/QC standards. We can also seek accreditation for the specific method.

Our analyst team will help you leverage the method to get the data and insights you need from your research initiative. Finally, our scientists regularly collaborate with our clients to produce posters, presentations and full publications on novel method field applications or innovative projects (where appropriate) to support wider adoption, advance the analytical field and support client adoption.

Why choose SGS?

Working with SGS means you are working with a world leader. Our analytical approaches are recognized by many key agencies and our methods form the backbone of many of today’s pre-regulatory and regulatory contaminant methods.

When you have an unusual or unique contaminant or matrix, SGS has the expertise to assist you quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about specialty testing and forensics services, contact your local SGS office.

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