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SGS marine services – including inspection, verification and auditing - ensure the effectiveness and safety of your marine supply and logistics chain.

The marine industry is subject to a range of standards, regulations and logistical complexities. As a result, we offer a range of marine services to support your decision making on crucial plant and terminal operations (PTO), helping improve your business strategy for imports and exports. The expert advice of our experienced marine transportation teams allows you to focus on the key elements of your core business, while we investigate your marine operations.

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Our marine services:

  • Ensure smoother operations by bringing cargo quantity and quality, PTO, and the loading and discharge of cargo under our scrutiny
  • Support your regulatory compliance through assessments, reports and certificates
  • Manage your cargo information and documentation
  • Ensure that your marine operations are run to best practice standards and that your cargo is handled with due care

Our marine transportation services include:

  • Cargo and vessel services
  • Marine services
  • PTO
  • Crane inspections and inspections of hoisting and lifting equipment
  • Advance cargo information
  • Import control services
  • International customs data exchange
Call us today to ensure that your marine operation logistics support the safe transportation of your cargo.

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