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Testing & Approval Services

Homologation and type approval services for vehicle manufacturers from a global leader in automotive testing.

Homologation and type approval requirements vary from country to country, with different vehicles and vehicle types having to meet different standards. SGS has the expertise to assist manufacturers throughout the process of homologation, wherever they are based.

Our homologation services cover the following areas and categories:

  • Passenger vehicles (M1, M2, M3)
  • Commercial vehicles (N1, N2, N3)
  • Trailers (O1, O2, O3, O4)
  • Special purpose vehicles (e.g. motorhomes and cranes)
  • Agricultural vehicles (T, C, R, S)
  • Components and independent technical units
  • Multistage Type Approvals
  • Small Series Type Approvals
  • Individual approvals

Homologation Expertise from SGS

We are experts in homologation testing and certification. From our global network of offices throughout we help manufacturers to achieve certification from approval authorities throughout Europe including KBA in Germany, RDW in the Netherlands, NSAI in Ireland and Transportstyrelsen in Sweden.

Also, the results of these tests can then be used for Technical Reports that are accepted by VSCC. The tests can largely be performed in our own laboratories, although manufacturers may also use third party or their own laboratories if preferred.

Based on the following regulations, we can also assist with Whole Vehicle Type Approvals:

  • Reg(EU) 2018/858 for passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and trailers
  • Reg(EU) 167/2013 for agricultural vehicles
  • UN-R0 for passenger cars

For vehicles outside the European Frame Regulations, we offer German national approvals based on the StVZO.

Why choose homologation services from SGS?

SGS is the world’s leading testing and verification company. We offer a suite of homologation services to help manufacturers worldwide produce and bring vehicles to market that are safe and compliant with the legal requirements of the target market.

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