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Production Chemistry Consultancy

Delivering valued technical solutions to production chemistry challenges.

SGS utilizes a total system approach, driving operational value and excellence.

To maintain the integrity of wells and facilities and assure optimal flow of hydrocarbons throughout a production system, from reservoir to export, applying qualified production chemicals at optimized treatment rates is paramount.

Our total system approach drives operational value and excellence. We offer independent reviews of production chemical performance and provide optimization to increase production and reduce chemical expenditure. Our reviews commonly involve independent assessment of the suitable type and dosage of chemicals, in line with system requirements.

Why choose production chemistry consultancy from SGS?

We help you to:

  • Optimize system performance
  • Enhance production
  • Control chemical expenditure

We provide:

  • Independent technical guidance
  • Advice on suitable laboratory analysis and technical qualification programs
  • Full production system reviews
  • Interpretation of system performance data and laboratory results
  • Subject matter expert advice on chemical selection and performance monitoring

Why SGS?

Our subject matter experts understand your operational needs and can harness the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection and analytical testing services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools.

We offer extensive experience of undertaking and successfully executing large-scale, complex international production chemistry projects. With a presence in every single region around the world, our people speak the language and understand the culture of the local market, and operate globally in a consistent, reliable and effective manner.

Additionally, we offer the following:

  • Production chemistry total system audit review (TSAR)
  • Analysis/operational risk assessment
  • Independent verification
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Monitoring programs
  • Operationally valued solutions
  • Continuous improvement
  • Independent chemistry qualification
  • Method development and verification
  • A complete Integrated analytical and consultancy service

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