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Product Carbon Footprint

Assessing your carbon emission quota and measuring your true carbon footprint is easy with carbon management services from SGS. Call our environmental experts today to find out how to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and verify your carbon footprint.

In order to benefit from emission trading and product labeling schemes that give you a competitive edge, you must measure your carbon footprint. Your market may also have carbon emission and carbon equivalent quotas to meet and regulatory or voluntary requirements to assess and verify your organization’s carbon footprint.

We are recognized as a global leader in the verification of greenhouse gas emissions. Your organization can rely on our solid experience in a diverse range of international climate change projects. We can assess the greenhouse gas emissions produced by your organization, your supply chain, and across your full product life cycle.

Our assessment is tailored to suit your industry and business needs for mandatory compliance and voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. It is the first step towards developing a successful carbon strategy that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint team offers a range of services, including:

  • Validating project design to ensure real, long-term and measurable emission reductions
  • Verifying company and project monitoring systems and data to ensure that emissions and emission reductions are determined accurately in a consistent and transparent way
  • Certifying emission reductions for registration and trading

Demonstrate your continuous improvement on climate change to stakeholders and benefit from improved environmental efficiency and reduced operational costs. An accurate assessment can identify opportunities for improvement which could enhance your brand image.

Emission reductions are an asset to your company. Reducing your carbon footprint is better for business and better for the environment. Call us today for a speedy and tailored solution to your carbon management.

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