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PPE – Protective Footwear

Enhance safety with comprehensive protective footwear testing and certification services.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) footwear safeguards us from crush injuries, slips, trips and falls. Demonstrating the quality of your PPE products through compliance with internationally recognized standards, such as EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346 and EN ISO 20347, enables a competitive advantage in global markets while mitigating risk in your value chain.

Tailored solutions

Ensure the quality and compliance of your PPE footwear with our comprehensive testing and certification solutions. Whatever protective footwear you produce or retail, our accredited laboratories will tailor the solution to meet your needs, conducting rigorous evaluations against relevant testing standards to ensure compliance with target markets requirements.

Protective footwear types include:

Testing StandardType of Footwear
EN ISO 20345PPE – Safety Footwear
EN ISO 20346PPE – Protective Footwear
EN ISO 20347PPE – Occupational Footwear 
EN ISO 20349PPE – Footwear protecting against thermal risks and molten metal splashes as found in foundries and welding – Requirements and test method 
EN 13634Protective footwear for motorcycle riders – Requirements and test methods
EN 13832-1Footwear protecting against chemicals – Part 1: Terminology and test methods
EN 13832-2Footwear protecting against chemicals – Part 2: Requirements for footwear resistant to chemicals under laboratory conditions
EN 13832-3Footwear protecting against chemicals – Part 3: Requirements for footwear highly resistant to chemicals under laboratory conditions
EN 15090Footwear for firefighters
EN ISO 17249Safety footwear with resistance to chainsaw cutting
EN 50321Electrically insulating footwear for working on low voltage installations

Seamless EU/UK market access

Let us coordinate with Approved/Notified Bodies for EU/UKCA type-approval application to simplify the process for accessing EU and UK markets. Our reliable type-approval examinations are conducted in full compliance with PPE Regulation 2016/425 at our state-of-the-art testing facilities in Finland (Notified Body number 0598) and the UK (Approved Body 0120).

Our one-stop solution offers simultaneous assessment against both CE and UKCA certification requirements.

Global reach

Leverage our global network of expert auditors for Category III PPE certification and ensure your products meet international safety requirements right across your value chains.

Why choose protective footwear testing solutions from SGS?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity when testing protective footwear products. Wherever you operate in the world, our network of industry experts and state-of-the-art laboratories is ready to help you deliver high quality, safe and compliant safety footwear products to competitive global markets.

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