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On Hire and Off Hire Survey

Regular container inspection is an essential part of maintaining the smooth transit of your cargo.

SGS provides a wide range of both standard and specialized inspections on tank containers, reefers and box containers. In addition to standard periodical inspections, through our worldwide network of dedicated professionals we also offer services such as gas free inspections, wall washes, lab-analyses and insurance assistance.

Our Inspection Services

  • Periodical inspections
    We can perform periodical inspections such as 2½ and 5 year inspections on UN portable tanks and IMO I, IMO II and IMO IV tank containers. Tanks passing inspection receive a certificate stating that the container can remain in service for a specific period of time.
  • Tank container, rail tank car and box container inspections
    Our staff are certified to perform standard inspections and special surveys, such as on-hire and off-hire surveys, cleanliness inspections and, for rail tank cars, Reinheitsschlussel verification.
  • Reefer inspections
    Our Rotterdam and Antwerp offices are staffed with highly trained reefer inspectors who can perform inspections of reefer ships and refrigerated cargo, as well as conducting shipside surveys and insurance claims investigations.
  • Testing of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)
    SGS offers a unique service for conducting various tests on IBCs on location with the use of a mobile prover unit. We can perform statutory inspections and re-certification on IBC inspections as well as periodical inspections.
  • Specialized inspections
    Our experts are also able to perform tests to your specification to determine the specific concentrations of gas inside tank containers and rail tank cars, including:
    • Analytical inspections
    • Dew point inspections
    • Gas free inspections

Why SGS?

At SGS, we are always striving to provide innovative logistical services and solutions for the oil and gas industry through our global network. Our wide experience in oil and gas logistics and unparalleled expertise in marine cargo inspection makes us ideally placed to offer flexible inspection solutions to suit your needs, wherever you are.

Find out more about how SGS can help you conduct your tank container inspections.

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