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Oilfield Contaminant Mapping, Forecasting & Mitigation

Safeguard your asset integrity and prevent the negative economic impact of contaminants from oil and gas reservoirs.

Understand production facility contamination by combining reservoir geology, engineering, and production chemistry expertise with advanced laboratory analytical capabilities.

A large portion of the world’s remaining oil and gas resources contains contaminants such as CO2, H2S or Hg. We combine reservoir geology/engineering and production (chemistry) expertise with advanced laboratory analytical capabilities to understand the distribution of these contaminants and their impact to your production facilities. We help you forecast and model contaminants’ contribution over time and identify solutions for mitigation, both in the reservoir and top side.

Why choose oilfield contaminant mapping, forecasting and mitigation from SGS?

We help you to:

  • Safeguard your asset’s integrity
  • Prevent the negative economic impact associated with the production of contaminants, like H2S, from oil and gas reservoirs
  • Identify mitigation options, tailored to specific field developments by designing and coordinating tailored metering, monitoring, and sampling campaigns for reservoirs and facilities
  • Carry out studies involving laboratory analysis, data interpretation and forecasting/modeling

Why SGS?

Our subject matter experts understand your operational needs and can harness the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection and analytical testing services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools.

The integration of contaminant or reservoir souring studies with microbial risk assessment studies and corrosion testing and monitoring enables us to carry out root cause analysis (RCA) investigations, corrosion forensics and failure investigations.

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