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Incoming Inspection

Incoming inspection from SGS – vital assurance for suppliers and purchasers to ensure delivery of quality products that meet all requirements.

Whether you are purchasing or producing parts, ensuring production runs smoothly is vital. As a purchaser, you need to measure your supplier’s performance. As a supplier, you need to fulfill the requirements of all applicable standards.

Our incoming inspection service caters for both purchasers and suppliers to ensure the delivery of quality products that meet all requirements, inspecting parts before the production process begins.

Why choose incoming inspection from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Gain independent inspection of purchased or provided parts
  • Protect your production
  • Evaluate supplier performance
  • Ensure delivery of quality products before beginning the production process
  • Make informed decisions before authorizing full production
  • Avoid production issues, late delivery, rework and scrapping due to poor performance and execution

Trusted Incoming Inspection From a World-leading Provider

As a world-leading inspection provider, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in providing incoming inspection services for OEMs and suppliers. We provide in-depth knowledge of the required standards, authority requirements, customer expectations and the most effective reporting tools.

Our incoming inspection service includes:

  • Developing the process
  • Performing incoming inspections
  • Reporting
  • Collecting KPIs
  • Evaluating suppliers performance

To discuss your incoming inspection requirements, contact us today.

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