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Helipad and HLS Inspection Services

Helipad and Helicopter Landing Site (HLS) inspection services from SGS – control risk, improve safety and ensure regulatory compliance.

Helipads and helicopter landing sites are a critical part of any on-shore operation that uses helicopter support. Whether your business is a hospital, government facility or mine site, the safety of your facilities is a top priority, and essential to the sustainability of your operations.

Our helipad and HLS inspection services enable you to comply with regulatory and customer requirements. We integrate best practice helipad safety with extensive knowledge of rotary operations to help you reduce risks, improve safety and comply with regulations.

Why choose helipad and HLS inspection services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to safety
  • Reduce the potential for an accident at your facility
  • Comply with national and international regulatory requirements 
  • Meet custom and industry best practice standards

World-class Helipad and HLS Inspection Services From a Leading Provider

As a world-leading provider of aviation services, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in helipad and HLS inspection. We can inspect and provide expert guidance for on-shore rotary facilities, such as helipads, helicopter landing sites and heliports, and the unique hazards that may be present at each location.

Our services include:

  • Inspection of an HLS against ICAO, CAP 437 or other national guidelines
  • Reviews of the surrounding area for obstacles and other hazards, such as mine blasting, and develop alternative processes
  • Assistance with the design and regulatory application process for new helipads, HLSs and heliports
  • Training in passenger management on-site, and assistance with the start-up of operations
  • Writing HLS manuals
  • Training Helicopter Landing Officers (HLOs)

To discuss your helipad and HLS inspection requirements, contact us today.

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