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Food Contact Material Regulations – Canada

Food contact materials (FCM) and articles are regulated by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) in Canada.

The CCPSA is a piece of federal legislation responsible for protecting human health and safety, it also prohibits bisphenol A (BPA) in polycarbonate baby bottles. 

In addition to specific safety and performance requirements for certain chemicals and/or consumer products under Appendix C of the CCPSA (the Regulations), the CCPSA prohibits consumer products that are a ‘danger to human health or safety’. In effect, this provision is a general safety requirement safeguarding the general public from hazards posed by consumer products, including those from FCMs and articles.

Regulations in Appendix C of the CCPSA having an impact to FCMs and articles include:

  • Consumer Products Containing Lead Regulations (SOR/2018-83)
  • Glazed Ceramics and Glassware Regulations (SOR/2016-175)
  • Infant Feeding Bottle Nipples Regulations (SOR/2016-180)
  • Kettles Regulations (SOR/2016-181)
  • Phthalates Regulations (SOR/2016-188)
  • Surface Coating Materials Regulations (SOR/2016-193)

Manufacture and supply of FCM to Canada is facilitated as these rules apply to the whole country and they are enshrined in one piece of legislation.

Food Contact Testing

SGS has the expertise to help manufacturers and suppliers of FCM achieve compliance with markets around the globe. Our technical experts have extensive experience of testing materials and articles for many markets. We offer the full range of FCM testing, including migration tests, along with expert advice on emerging regulations, compliance issues and documentation review. Our experience can ensure your products meet the appropriate territorial regulations for food contact materials and help pave the way for compliance.

Test Your FCM
Our global lab network can support your products' compliance with FCM regulations in your target market.

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