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Energy Savings Measurement and Verification (M&V)

If energy efficiency measures are to make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability, measurement and verification of actual energy savings will be needed to demonstrate their short- and long-term impact.

SGS is at the forefront of instilling energy efficiency across industries, and has introduced energy savings measurement and verification (M&V) services to fulfill that purpose.

Our M&V services adopt the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) as the basis, which has become the internationally accepted standard for quantifying the results of energy saving. Our energy efficiency experts use this methodology as part of a broader energy efficiency measurement and verification program that covers:

  • Compilation of reference database
  • Establishment of baseline
  • Development of an M&V plan
  • Conducting post-retrofit M&V
  • Monitoring and adjustment of energy savings
  • Issuing of M&V reports
  • Monitoring of long-term energy savings

As well as contributing to international attempts to reduce the impact of industry on the environment, our M&V services will bring together organizations from different sectors, offering distinct benefits:

  • Businesses will have access to data on the efficacy of their energy saving programs to support future energy management and business decisions
  • Energy service companies (ESCOs) will have impartial and independent evidence as their basis for profit sharing with customers
  • Financial institutions will be able to use M&V data to assess risk in green financing packages
  • Governments will have a more reliable and extensive database for the creation of energy management policy

Ensure your organization is one of the most important innovators in corporate energy efficiency, and at the same time experience the business benefits of SGS’s energy savings measurement and verification services.

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