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Energy Audits

A physical inspection of buildings and equipment – energy audits help businesses to reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Energy management strategies and systems will help your business reduce its energy consumption and its GHG emissions. The first step towards the development of a comprehensive energy management plan is an energy audit. It provides a clear understanding on energy consumption patterns within your buildings and/or manufacturing processes and highlights technically viable energy saving opportunities. 

SGS Energy Audits

Our expert auditors will give you a clear understanding of how your facility consumes energy. Audits include a physical inspection of buildings and equipment. Depending on the level of detail required, audits may include a simple visual inspection or detailed measurements. The final report will systematically break down how energy is used and where saving opportunities can be achieved.

Typically, our energy audits will:

  • Breakdown energy usage and significant energy use by equipment/process
  • Benchmark energy performance against similar premises/processes
  • Provide an overview of supply and metering strategy
  • Analyze the building envelope, services and controls
  • Review of the energy management procedures, including maintenance
  • Identify energy and cost saving opportunities together with pay back periods of the investment needed to implement the energy saving measures
  • Prioritize no or low-cost opportunities to large capital investment opportunities and create action plans

Our energy audits identify business opportunities and help you implement cost-effective measures to reduce energy bills and GHG emissions. 

Why choose SGS?

With a worldwide network of auditors, we have the assets in place to help you undertake an efficient and effective energy audit. Working with SGS gives you local know-how backed by international expertise.

To learn more about energy audits, contact your local SGS office.

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