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Due Diligence Surveys

SGS can assist you in assessing, reducing and controlling the risk likely to be encountered in commercial and operational situations involving oil storage terminals and/or refineries. 

Our specialist team of downstream sector auditors provides in-depth, reliable due diligence audits to our customers detailing confidential confirmation of risk levels likely to be encountered.

Each member of the SGS team has a wide experience in the downstream oil sector and a comprehensive knowledge of best practice procedures across the sector.

How we Conduct Due Diligence Audits

The SGS due diligence audit team operates globally. We examine and assess a wide range of industry hardware, refining processes, accounting systems and supporting historical data. This information enables us to ascertain and confirm the levels of risk pertinent to compliance, safety, environmental, stock losses and plant condition.
Audits are risk-based and tailored to individual customer requirements against agreed criteria, including:

  • Operation in accordance with recognised international standards and best practices
  • Berthing capabilities and arrangements and any existing restrictions
  • Pipeline integrity and cleaning
  • Tank farm condition, management and maintenance
  • Tank integrity, tank calibrations, auto gauge reliability and sludge volume estimation
  • Product segregation
  • Evacuation of stocks
  • Refinery on-site laboratory -  scope, equipment  maintenance and performance records, compliance and accreditations
  • Waste water treatment
  • Fire and safety systems
  • Environmental licences and compliance
  • Compliance with local and industry HSE regulations and practices
  • Oil accounting systems
  • Oil processing records 

Why SGS?

SGS has established a strong global position in the field of due diligence auditing, with a broad customer base that includes major oil refiners, trading houses, storage companies and banks.

Find out how due diligence auditing from SGS can support your risk management processes.

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