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Comprehensive Cover (CC)

SGS provides trade risk guarantees covering weight and quality discrepancies, reimbursing you for shortages or quality differences detected between loading and discharge. In addition to these services, we can incorporate all-risk marine insurance to provide comprehensive cover (CC).

With years of experience in the field, we have built a CC insurance package that accounts for all likely eventualities resulting from sea transportation. Working on your behalf, we place the CC with first class marine underwriters and insist that the policy also includes coverage for eventualities like strikes, riots, civil commotion and war.

By providing worldwide protection against losses and other forms of damage while transporting your goods, SGS’s CC minimizes your trade risk and protects your commercial transactions.

Other Guarantee Services

In addition to our CC insurance, we offer a range of guarantee services including:

  • Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)
  • Full Outturn Quality (FOQ)
  • Rejection Guarantee
  • Seller’s Interest / Contingency Insurance

To find out more about our comprehensive cover – as well as our other trade risk guarantee services – contact SGS now.

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