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Acoustic Testing

Ensure vehicles meet the required international standards for minimum and maximum sound levels.

Noise and noise pollution is one of many challenges facing the automotive industry, in particular vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of tires and exhausts. With homologation requiring vehicles to meet specific legal standards, many companies turn to SGS, world leaders in testing and certification, for help.

Acoustic Testing Services

We have experts, engineers, test tracks and facilities to test against international standards such as UN-R51, and perform tailored tests as required by manufacturers. We use test tracks that allow measurements for varied road surfaces and ambient conditions, and perform ‘round robin’ tests on different tracks to secure results that are consistent and fail-safe.

Our mobile measuring system, PAK MK II, allows us to offer an extremely flexible testing service, which can be used throughout all stages of product development and homologation. In early stages, this can save time and money by reducing the risk of a failure once production has begun.

Why work with SGS?

SGS offers advanced homologation and acoustic testing services to automotive manufacturers worldwide. We have experience and expertise to help you meet all the required legal standards for noise and acoustic testing, whether you produce whole vehicles or their component parts.

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