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Stationery and Office Supplies

Your stationery and office supplies need to comply with the standards of quality and safety that apply, especially in products for use by children.

In recent years, many children’s stationery products have been recalled in the EU and US. For example, a children's stationery set which contained a razor blade cutter with a sharp edge, posing a laceration hazard to young children, or crayons that contained enough lead to present a poisoning hazard to young children who might eat or chew on them.

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Safety requirements for stationery products have been strengthened worldwide. SGS offers a full range of stationery and office supply services to ensure that your products are of the highest standard and comply with regulations wherever in the world you wish to bring them to market.

SGS has a worldwide network of laboratories and experts in this field to assist you with compliance to EN 71 /ASTM /ISO /BS /JIS /GB standards, REACH, LHAMA, Toxicological Risk Assessment, etc.

SGS can test, inspect and verify a variety of stationery and office supplies including:

  • Pens, Pencils and Writing
  • Graphite’s, Crayons and Paint
  • Paper, Cards, Pads, Books and Forms
  • Envelopes and Bags
  • Postage Material and Packaging 
  • Binders, Report Covers and Indexes
  • Folders, File Folder Cases
  • Adhesives and Tapes
  • Furniture and Desktop Accessories

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