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Mechanical & Chemical Testing

Check the performance and properties of vehicles and components to verifying their safety and compliance.

The automotive industry faces multiple challenges in the drive to produce vehicles and components that meet expectations for quality, performance and durability as well as all the regulations and safety standards that apply.  

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At SGS, we help motor manufacturers and suppliers meet these challenges with a comprehensive range of mechanical and chemical testing services. These can save time and cost throughout the manufacturing process by identifying weaknesses and possible failures early and bringing vehicles to market that are strong, safe and robust.  

Mechanical and Chemical Testing Services from SGS

  • Aging tests: assess the effect of factors such as exposure to temperature, sunlight, UV, humidity and corrosion  
  • Mechanical characterization tests: check the mechanical and physical properties of materials used in vehicle construction
  • Interior emissions/vehicle interior air quality: assess the emissions of interior materials, parts and vehicles
  • Physical tests: including resistance to damage and fire
  • Non-destructive tests: using state-of-the-art technology for metrology, digitalization, 3D engineering and tooling maintenance  

Why choose SGS mechanical and chemical testing services?

SGS is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to conduct a comprehensive range of mechanical and chemical tests for full vehicles as well as automotive components, parts and systems. We test against an exhaustive list of international and manufacturers’ standards and have laboratories, testers and industry experts located throughout the world.

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