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Dynamic & Passive Safety

Ensure your whole vehicle, its parts, components, assemblies and systems, is safe with dynamic and passive safety testing.

The safety and comfort of a vehicle and its occupants is mission critical for the automotive industry. Dynamic and passive testing involves the testing of whole vehicles, as well as their component parts, assemblies, systems and sub-systems, to ensure they will withstand the wear, tear and possibly challenging conditions they may encounter during their lifespan.

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SGS dynamic and passive testing services include whole vehicle as well as individual component tests. We test for the effects of noise and vibration, the endurance and durability of internal and external parts and the performance and reliability of crucial safety systems such as seats, seat belts and air bags.

As the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, we can provide all the dynamic and passive tests you need to bring safe, robust, reliable vehicles to the marketplace.

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