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Automotive Testing Services

Whatever you need – whole vehicle, engine, component, assembly, sub-assembly or systems testing – SGS can help.

Safety is mission critical to the automotive industry, and comprehensive testing and compliance is the means by which manufacturers and regulatory bodies hope to achieve it.  

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Our automotive testing services are expert and exhaustive, from emissions to cybersecurity, environmental simulations and noise. Individual testing and related services can be found under the following automotive categories:

  • Mechanical and chemical tests including aging, vehicle interior air quality, physical testing, mechanical characterization and advanced non-destructive testing  
  • Electrics and electronics tests including functional safety, cybersecurity, electromagnetic compatibility, environmental simulation and connectivity
  • Powertrain testing including whole vehicle, engines, components and electric drivetrains
  • Dynamic and safety testing of interior and exterior parts, seats, seat belts, airbags, noise, vibration and harshness

Automotive Testing Services and SGS

SGS is at the forefront of automotive testing and certification. We are actively involved in the worldwide development of new testing methods and standards, and are ideal partners for manufacturers who want to produce vehicles that are best in class for safety, reliability, durability and compliance.

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