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Automotive Electrics & Electronics Testing

Test the security, durability, performance and compliance of your electric and electronic vehicles and vehicle components using the services of automotive testing experts SGS.

As technology advances, electric and electronic vehicles and vehicle parts are becoming more sophisticated and commonplace.  

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However, as vehicles become smarter and more hi-tech, a raft of regulations and compliance testing has become necessary to ensure they are safe and able to withstand everything from cyber-attacks to wear and tear from climatic aging and corrosion.  

SGS Automotive Electrics and Electronics Testing

SGS is at the cutting-edge of electrics and electronics testing for the automotive industry, and of cybersecurity in particular.  

We test to all the major standards including Functional Safety ISO 26262 and the new automotive cybersecurity standard ISO/SAE 21434, as well as performance, durability and connectivity testing for all electric and electronic related components, parts and subassemblies. We also offer damage and failure analysis services to identify the cause of product failures, and provide solutions that save time, money and potential product recalls.  

Why choose SGS for your electrics and electronics testing?

SGS is the world’s leading testing and verification company, with laboratories, testers and industry experts located throughout the world. We are an established partner for electric and electronic automotive testing services and work with manufacturers to bring vehicles safely to market on a global scale.

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