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Ultrasonic Testing Training

Ultrasonic testing training from the SGS NDT Training Center – trains, examines and certifies your personnel to perform ultrasonic tests in compliance with the relevant standards.

In order to generate the high sensitivity results offered by ultrasonic testing, personnel must be trained and qualified to the relevant standards. The SGS NDT Training Center offers world-class ultrasonic testing training, examination and certification to enable your personnel to carry out tests to international standards.

Why choose ultrasonic testing training from the SGS NDT Training Center?

The SGS NDT Training Center can:

  • Ensure that your personnel are qualified and certified to perform ultrasonic testing to the relevant standards and specifications
  • Provide ultrasonic testing training and examinations for the Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing (PCN) system to meet the requirements of international standards such as EN ISO 9712 at levels one, two, and three 
  • Conduct SNT-TC-1A training, examinations and certification in accordance with your company's written practice
  • Tailor make courses to meet your company's specific needs

World-class Ultrasonic Testing Training

The innovative SGS NDT Training Center in China offers state-of-the art training and certification for ultrasonic testing training in accordance with European, international and American standards.

Plus, the SGS NDT Training Center has been awarded both authorized qualifying body (AQB) and accredited training status by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). As a result, we are authorized to conduct training and examinations for NDT technicians according to the PCN system  – the largest NDT personnel certification scheme in the world.

Our courses are held at the SGS NDT Training Center in Shanghai or can be delivered at your company's premises – anywhere in the world.

Contact us to find out how ultrasonic testing training from the SGS NDT Training Center can train, examine and certify your personnel to the relevant standards.

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