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Single Window

As leaders in the implementation of single window programs, SGS has created solutions to streamline and secure trade transactions all over the world.

Single window solutions allow trade stakeholders to interface electronically, submitting and distributing documents including customs declarations, import/export permit applications, trading invoices and certificates of origin to accelerate and secure the supply chain.

A single window program can significantly enhance your trading operations by eliminating paper and reducing timescales, keeping information up-to-date and in one secure place for reference.

Using uniquely customizable TradeNet technology, our team of experts can work closely with all of the stakeholders in your network to identify and build a process and workflow to link many parties together such as customs and port systems, commercial banks, insurance companies, treasuries and authorities.

Customizing a Single Window Solution

At SGS, we know that every situation is unique, and we believe the key to a successful single window solution lies in a thorough assessment of needs, financing options and implementation strategy.

We can assist you by:

  • Conducting a full feasibility study
  • Establishing project costings
  • Providing part or even 100 percent financing, depending on the nature of the project
  • Devising and managing a phased implementation of the program

Our experience has shown that the best route to a successful single window solution is through a close relationship between the public and private sectors by means of a Public Private Partnership (PPP). Where feasible, we also encourage the concept of Build Operate Transfer (BOT) programs to help our clients take over and manage their own network.

Find out more about how SGS can help you implement a single window solution.

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