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Periodic Vehicle Inspection

Are your vehicles running within the parameters of local legislation? Find out – with statutory vehicle inspection services, from SGS.

From safety checks and emissions testing to calibration to ensure that equipment is running precisely as it should be, SGS has a wide range of services to ensure that public and private vehicles comply with local legislation and regulations. We can even provide specialist training for your staff so you can be assured that your test procedures are being carried out properly.

It stands to reason that safer vehicles on the road will reduce the number of accidents; and decreasing harmful vehicle emissions will decrease air pollution.

Vehicle inspections are designed to confirm compliance with safety, emission and comfort standards issued by the local, national and international regulatory authorities. SGS is uniquely qualified to perform the checking, at regular intervals, of the general condition of vehicles in accordance with the legislation in force. SGS vehicle inspections are carried out with modern test and recording equipment operated by highly qualified mechanical technicians.

In this way, we can guarantee the accuracy of measurements, limiting human intervention and possible source of errors. This process is always adapted to the requirement of our Principal and is based on SGS recognized expertise in the field of statutory vehicle inspection. Our worldwide experience and expertise makes us the ideal independent partner in vehicle inspection.

As the world’s leading testing, verification, inspection and certification company, we offer you unsurpassed accuracy, highly experienced specialists, state-of-the-art test methodologies and a global reach.

Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of statutory vehicle inspection services.

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