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Jet Fuel Testing

Modern jet aircraft require high quality fuel in order for the engines to provide optimum performance and safe flight.

Modern jet aircraft require high quality fuel in order for the engines to provide optimum performance and safe flight.

Strict quality, handling, traceability and performance criteria must be met before the fuel can be used. With jet fuel testing services from SGS, you can be sure of the very highest degree of quality control.

There are two types of aviation fuel now in use:

  • Conventional Hydrocarbon Aviation turbine fuel (Avtur, Jet A, Jet A-1, JP8) refined direct from crude oil, also called jet fuel
  • Newer innovative fuels such as the SASOL semi and fully synthetic fuels, now included in DefStan 91-91 and AFQRJOS specifications. These will soon be joined by a plethora of fuels based on innovative source materials such as gas to liquid fuels, Coal to liquid fuels, biomass to liquid fuels and even fuels from algal growth

Classifications of jet fuel

Jet fuels can be traded under a number of standards:

  • ASTM D 1655
  • DefStan 91-91
  • AFQRJOS , the joint checklist issued by JIG, the joint inspection group

Sampling, sample handling and sample preparation are all key elements on the successful testing of jet fuel. The standards developed under the auspices of CRS, CAFFI, IATA and JIG are all essential knowledge for the laboratory helping you control risk in the supply chain.

Jet fuel testing from SGS

Jet A-1 must meet the requirements of the standard cited in a given contract, or forming part of a national minimum standard, pipeline agreement (e.g. Colonial or Buckeye in North America). Typically this might be the British Ministry of Defence specification DefStan 91-91and/or ASTM d 1655 and/or Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS) or indeed any one of these plus additional parameters set in the contract.

SGS offers:

  • Analysis of commercial Jet A-1 to ASTM D1655 and DefStan 91-91
  • Analysis of Jet A and Avgas
  • Analysis of military aviation fuels JP-4 and JP-8
  • Testing to Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS)
  • Testing to all the Department of Defence Specifications including MIL-DTL-83133F
  • Full or Short Jet test recertification if specified
  • Additive dosing; antioxidants, antistatic, corrosion inhibitors and fuel system icing inhibitors (FSII)
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Inspection and sampling services for transportation to storage facilities of all sizes of cargoes, from vessel to road tanker
  • Soak tests - which certify if a new tank is suitable to store jet fuel or if a tank can be brought into service after repairs have been completed
  • Services to all aspects of the jet fuel production and supply chain
  • Technical and consultancy services for sampling, analysis, validation and reporting issues.

Quality program

All the SGS jet fuel testing laboratories participate in an international proficiency test scheme for Jet A-1. These round robin tests act as a performance indicator and help to maintain a consistently high level of quality and assurance from our labs.

Why SGS?

SGS is an active member of many industry bodies, working groups and standards-setting organizations, such as IFIA, ISO, ASTM, CEN and EI (The Energy Institute, previously known as the Institute of Petroleum).

We carry out all trade inspection nominations on oil, gas and chemical cargoes in accordance with core petroleum and petrochemical standards including GOST, UOP, API, MPMS, ASTM, EN or IP test methods and specifications as set out by CEN or ISO or by national and local standards organizations. Custom-built or client-supplied analytical methods can also be applied if the parties involved inform us that these are part of the specifications. Where necessary, we can also help our customers to select the optimal standards to cite and/or use as a means of enabling effective risk management within a particular transaction or series of transactions. SGS also provides technical support on all matters linked to technology in use, standards and working practices.

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