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Customs Management Systems

Customs management systems from SGS – improve transparency and communication, reduce delays in clearing goods, and maximize the collection of customs revenue.

Integrated customs management systems are designed to support import and export processes, speed up transactions and reduce the costs involved in international trade. They improve compliance with the legal requirements that govern international trade, and facilitate greater cooperation in:

  • Customs processing
  • Transit and presentation
  • Classification
  • Electronic communication and document printing

More than 85 countries worldwide have implemented customs management systems to enable customs to discharge its fiscal and control responsibilities more effectively. However, an automated system alone does not guarantee the elimination of procedural bottlenecks, lack of transparency and inconsistent clearing processes.

Our SGS experts have worked with several countries to deliver customs management systems in tandem with electronic data interchange systems. These solutions enable parties such as banks, ministries and private sector shipping lines to seamlessly interface with each other and use a single window to transmit and receive messages, thereby improving communication speeds and eliminating duplicate instructions.

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