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Carbon Neutrality (PAS 2060)

Reduce your carbon footprint, comply with regulations and meet disclosure requirements.

Steady increases in the level of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere are adding considerable and unprecedented stress to the environment. Frequent flooding, rising sea levels and shifting weather patterns are just a few evident consequences.  

SGS Greenhouse Gas Emissions Solutions

We started developing specialist GHG verification and advisory services in 1998, following the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol. Our services consider all aspects of a business’s approach to GHG and can be used by companies and operations of all sizes, from SMEs to large global conglomerates across all industry segments.

We offer services relating to:

  • Compliance verification – verification is performed under our ISO 14065 accreditation for a range of local, regional and global emissions schemes. Our credentials and sector specific experience in mandatory schemes are based on a track record of providing verification services in the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)
  • Disclosure and reporting – we provide GHG emissions inventories and product verification against internationally accepted standards and a client’s own methodologies, including ISO 14064-1, GHG Protocol, PAS 2060 and PAS 2050. Our pragmatic approach helps you continuously improve your monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions
  • Carbon footprints – the first step for any business. Our advisory services help you:
    • Develop a verifiable organizational or product carbon footprint
    • Identify cost saving opportunities via the development of low carbon business strategies and a GHG emissions’ reduction roadmap

Why choose SGS?

As a world leader in verification, inspection, testing and certification, we are the first choice for companies looking to manage their GHG emissions. Our global network of experts offers a variety of training solutions, from simple one-day modules on GHG accounting principles to comprehensive four-day courses on GHG emissions verification. These can be offered both in-house and at one of our SGS Academies.

Partnering with SGS means local know-how backed by international experience. 

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