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Project Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Services

Prefeasibility and feasibility studies are crucial phases in the development and growth of your project.

They are comprehensive studies designed to meet and mitigate financial and legal risk. SGS has earned a reputation for providing thousands of solid, bankable feasibility and prefeasibility study services for our clients in the engineering, mining and financial sectors.

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SGS has decades of experience in providing the geochemical and metallurgical testing services and resource calculations. We both complete the testing services required for these activities and provide impartial reviews of prefeasibility and feasibility studies, for a wide range of commodities. Our experienced personnel understand the importance of keeping data derived from testing programs distinct from third party reviews.

SGS services include:

Prefeasibility Study Services

The following SGS services are applicable to prefeasibility stage projects in the precious metals, base metals, strategic metals, radioactive materials and industrial mineral, coal and oil sands industries.

  • Geochemistry and related data quality requirements
  • Geology, mineralogy and resource calculations
  • Geometallurgy, sampling and domaining
  • Flowsheet development and piloting if needed
  • Environmental baselines, water treatment, issues and resolutions
  • Scoping of preliminary capital and operating equipment requirement

Feasibility Study Services

SGS’s feasibility study services are applicable to the precious metal, base metal, strategic metal, radioactive material and industrial minerals, coal and oil sands industries.

  • Provision of geochemistry and data quality requirements 
  • Mining analysis (grades, cutoffs, mine design, production schedule, grade control, mine plan)
  • Metallurgy and processing (flowsheet review, metallurgical recovery, throughput, piloting, scenario modeling)
  • Infrastructure requirements, including power and water consumption and optimization studies
  • Environmental and geotechnical baseline and programs, water treatment, closure planning
  • Marketing (market sample analysis, preparation of market samples)

Economic Feasibility Services

SGS economic feasibility services focus on minimizing costs and optimizing revenues. Important considerations for economic feasibility include capital and operating equipment concerns, metal prices and net smelter return. SGS offers

  • Comprehensive capabilities in chemical, physical, environmental, mineralogical and metallurgical testing, in many cases accredited by relevant national bodies
  • Independent 3rd party determinations of many technical parameters in the geological, resource calculation, metallurgical, mine planning areas
  • Resource and reserve calculations, orebody modeling, variability assessment and geometallurgy and operational scenario modeling
  • Plant audit and optimization 
  • Production forecasting and review

SGS ensures that your prefeasibility, feasibility and economic feasibility studies are complete, comprehensive and accurate. Partner with SGS and reduce your risks related to these important milestones in project development.

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