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Packaging Testing

Ensure that pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device packaging components are fit for purpose with SGS packaging testing.

The package or container components in contact with a product are vital to its safety, efficacy and robustness: a miss-sized component, a weak container, or one that allows contamination or leakage of your product, could put the health of your customers and your reputation at risk.

Our package and container testing services offer a range of tests to ensure that your packaging components are fit for purpose and does not compromise your product throughout production and the expected shelf life.

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Our package and container tests are shaped to meet the needs of a wide range of clients across the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical devices and related industries. Each has particular needs, so our services are flexible enough to be tailored into programs that can provide full-time support or a helping pair of hands during busy periods. All tests are conducted to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies and relevant pharmacopeia.

  • Extractable leachable testing – ensures no harming material is present to contaminate a product and provides an accurate measurement if present
  • Component testing – verifies that materials are correct, the right geometry for your production processes and fit together to provide a good seal with other packaging and functional components
  • Container closure integrity testing – demonstrates primary and any functional secondary packaging have no detectable leaks

Tests are conducted by our highly skilled specialists at one of our cutting-edge laboratories across the globe. They include tests on the raw materials used to make containers, tests on the final container and tests to examine the interaction between packaging and content, including extractables and leachables testing.

SGS has several decades’ experience of providing package and container testing to support clients’ quality control and risk assessment activity. Our consultants are always available to advise on how we can help ensure that your packaging does not compromise product safety and quality.

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