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Market Intelligence for Oil, Gas and Chemical

Need-to-know data for effective strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive market intelligence solutions providing accurate and up to date insights to empower success in oil, gas and chemical supply chains.

Global fuel, biofuel and chemical markets are complex. Up to date intelligence, covering technical and legislative changes, market dynamics including trade flow trends, will help you to navigate them successfully, giving you competitive advantage in challenging market environments.

We provide high level insights into all aspects of oil, gas and chemical trading. Through a diverse range of solutions, including SGS INSPIRE and Shipping on Line (SOL), you can access the latest data on the trends impacting your industry, enabling you to make better decisions concerning your product or service.

SGS INSPIRE is a subscription-based market intelligence service offering expertise in the areas of fuel quality, vehicle emissions, energy and transportation. It gives insights into the market and policy mechanisms that are influencing your business today and will do so in the future. The SOL platform tracks all vessel movements and offers a global picture of commodities movements. The insights provided by these systems are also used by our global network of industry experts, along with other market intelligence, to provide advanced consultancy and data analysis solutions.

Wherever you are located in the world, we understand the drivers affecting your industry. Benefit from our strategic data gathering and processing and drive your business forward through effective data-driven decision-making.

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