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Consultancy & Training for Oil, Gas and Chemical

Access industry-leading expertise to ensure your supply chain delivers safe and compliant oil, gas and chemical products.

A comprehensive range of training and consultancy services to help oil, gas and chemical industry partners produce safe, high-quality products for global markets.

Global supply chains for oil, gas and chemicals can be complex operations and, to reduce risks and optimize efficiencies, high level knowledge is required to ensure best practice is implemented and maintained during all process stages.  

We have unmatched local knowledge and global intelligence in the oil, gas and chemical industries. Our tailored training and consultancy services range from expert witness to field or laboratory training sessions and advisory services on chain of custody. We cover a variety of oil, gas and chemical products and processes, including those related to LPG and LNG.  

SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. Partner with us and leverage our broad range of global industry experience and technical knowledge to reduce risks, optimize your supply chains, gain competitive advantage and meet global standards for quality and excellence.

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