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Construction excellence, meeting sustainability goals and ensuring safety for the buildings and infrastructure sector.

You’re in the business of building and construction. It might be roads, railways, high rises or houses, and they’re highly visible to everyone. We can watch them grow from scratch, and we form expectations of them that need to be met by the quality of their design, construction and performance. We also expect them to be safe, sustainable and healthy.

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How can you show that your work is of the highest standards, from the durability of the foundations to the rooftop? How do you show that your work will meet the highest sustainability and ESG standards?

You can ensure excellence by working with SGS. We help you to achieve the standards and certifications that show your customers and partners that you know exactly what you’re doing and that you’re doing it to an impeccable standard. Your business will stand out, giving you the edge on your competitors and providing internationally recognizable validation.

Going up in the world with SGS inspection, testing and auditing solutions

Our services for the building and construction industries include risk assessment and management of design and engineering, non-destructive testing, environmental sampling and testing, service life prediction, monitoring of assets and indoor environment, compliance inspections and much more. We provide energy efficiency audits, health & safety inspections, and green building scheme assistance. If you’re building roads, railways, airports, bridges or waterways, you’ll know that the components vary hugely. We test for their performance against likely loads and degradation. We also support your increasing needs related to the circularity and sustainability of your construction materials.

We use state of the art technology in our construction material, geotechnical, environmental and hygiene laboratories all over the world, so you’re guaranteed great local market and regulatory intelligence. The integrity of your concepts, materials and production processes can be assessed in a one-stop service that gives you results quickly and accurately. Working with SGS gives your stakeholders and customers peace of mind – and a clear sign that your work is executed diligently and to a high standard of safety and reliability.

Finally, we propose innovative solutions that allow you to monitor your buildings and assets continuously through the use of sensors and IoT based technologies. These not only cover your indoor environment (indoor air quality, noise, water leakage, etc.), but also your building’s structural health and any natural risks such as those caused by earthquakes.

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