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Assessment, Auditing and Certification

Enhance your business through world-leading audits and certification
SGS Petrochemical & Mineral Services in Belgium

Regardless of your industry, it is essential to validate that your services, products and processes meet the highest performance, quality and safety standards while adhering to sustainability practices.

Our Assessment, Auditing and Certification services demonstrate your commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, proving your integrity and adherence to numerous regulations and legislation.

Achieve compliance, earn trust, reduce costs and risks

Our services enable you to:

  • Drive continuous improvement and best practices
  • Streamline processes for enhanced efficiency
  • Manage risks and demonstrate due diligence and compliance
  • Cut costs and time to market
  • Unlock growth and expand market reach
  • Achieve full regulatory compliance
  • Secure your organization’s competitive edge
  • Enhance credibility and earn customer trust
  • Advocate for fairness across all organizations

Everything you need for compliance and certification

As the world's leading certification provider, we offer a full spectrum of services for international, national and industry compliance, underpinned by our global network of expert auditors and decades of experience.

Our accreditation reflects our technical competence and trustworthiness, ensuring transparency and integrity in certifying your people, processes and products. With our rigorous standards and skilled teams, we embody excellence and reliability in all our practices, solidifying us as your trusted partner.

SGS Petrochemical & Mineral Services in Belgium

Certification simplified

Once certified, your stakeholders can check your certification via our client directory.

  1. Decode the standard:

    we guide you through the requirements

  2. Connect with us:

    share your target standard for a tailored proposal and quote

  3. Skill boost:

    we identify and bridge any skill gaps with training

  4. Pre-assessment:

    we pinpoint areas for improvement

  5. Initial review:

    we confirm your readiness for implementation

  6. Final review:

    we verify complete standard adoption

  7. Achieve certification:

    receive your certificate and showcase your success

  8. Continuous excellence:

    benefit from regular reviews for sustained progress

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Wind Turbines and Solar Panels Farm in a Field

Certification for a sustainable world

The UN has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an urgent call for action. For each SDG, the ISO has identified the standards that make the most significant contributions. Many of the standards contribute to more than one SDG. For example, ISO 26000 (social responsibility) contributes to 16 of the 17 goals.

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