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SGS Launches TransitNet Partnership with Eurotunnel For Frictionless Trade

25. Mar 2021

SGS is pleased to announce the launch of a new collaboration with Eurotunnel that will help businesses enjoy frictionless trade between the European Union and Great Britain.

Developed by SGS, TransitNet is a multilingual web portal customs transit and guarantee solution that allows companies to move their goods under Common Transit customs procedures. Carriers can issue a full transit declaration via a web interface that covers all European customs platforms. Declarations can be conducted away from the border in almost any EU/UK location, enabling haulers to avoid congestion, border controls and lengthy customs clearance procedures.

TransitNet is already used by clients that serve more than 300,000 companies in the UK/EU. This includes importers/exporters of high value commercial products, such as luxury brands, wines and spirits. All goods, including those that are subject to a higher customs guarantee, are backed by SGS's guarantees.

TransitNet offers a variety of other services to support cross-border trade between GB and the EU. These include:

  • Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS)
  • ICS/ENS entry in France
  • Brexit SI
  • Export closure in Calais

Eurotunnel is the fastest, easiest and most reliable transit solution between Great Britain and Mainland Europe. In 2020, it transported nearly 1.5 million trucks, roughly 40% of the total haulage market (Source: Eurotunnel). With crossing times of around 45 minutes, it is crucial for carriers to have their customs clearance in place before they reach border controls.

SGS's TransitNet web portal provides the perfect solution for importer/exporters and logistic carriers who are looking to benefit from frictionless trade between Great Britain and the EU through the Eurotunnel's fluid, secure, 24/7 transport network.

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