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17. Mar 2020
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Spreading of COVID-19 virus is increasingly affecting companies worldwide. The SGS group closely monitors the situation and has taken steps to manage risks to our health and business internationally.

The group has set up a crisis management group at the beginning of the epidemic, providing global guidance on preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of a virus in our premises, protecting SGS employees and minimizing Interference in our operations. As the situation progresses, we will adapt our activities in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), and the guidelines of Finnish Government.  

Following the outbreak of the Corona virus, our primary goal is the health and safety of our personnel and customers. We have adopted the following preventive measures, among others:

  • Travel restrictions are imposed on SGS staff
  • The offices are closed in epidemic areas (e.g. Italy) to minimise the spread of virus
  • Protection masks have been provided to workers as required by the regional exposure risk
  • Hand hygiene has been intensified, as well as other preventive measures

We strive to keep our customers regularly informed about our services so that we can limit possible disruptions in their supply chains. We also comply with possible additional measures requested by our customers.

Our commitment to our staff and customers

To ensure our customers' business continuity, we are proactively monitoring the developments of the situation and we strive to minimise the impact of the epidemic on our services and to maintain our usual high level of customer service. 

  • We provide timely and regular travel alerts to our employees to minimize the spread of the virus during work and field operations
  • We communicate regularly with our staff about the situation and take preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus
  • We continuously update our business continuity plans based on current data. Close collaboration between our experts ensures that our network always has the latest information on Covid-19
  • We regularly carry out comprehensive risk and impact assessments on our supply chain. In addition, we are in close contact with our critical suppliers

Our customers' regular SGS contact points are available.

  • SGS Finland Oy

Takomotie 8,

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