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17025:2017 accreditation

17. Apr 2019
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Accredited testing and calibration laboratories of SGS Fimko Ltd. in Finland were granted accreditation by FINAS accreditation service in accordance with the revised standard ISO / IEC 17025:2017. SGS Fimko Ltd. was among the first laboratories in Finland to be accredited according to a new standard.

The most visible changes in the standard are:


• The structure of the standard has been unified to match other accreditation standards

• Impartiality has been highlighted on activity and personal level, among others

• Risk-based thinking: Identifying risks and opportunities as a basis for action

• Metrological traceability has been opened, more requirements for calibrations

• More requirements for IT systems

• New term Decision Rule: How measurement uncertainty is accounted for in pass / fail evaluation


These changes manifested themselves in SGS Fimko last year through exhaustive training and assessments of conflicts of interest.


New accreditation decisions, including areas of competence, can be found at the following links:


Testing laboratory (T004)


Calibration laboratory (K001)



Accreditation is a procedure that is based on international criteria. It is used to reliably state the competence of an operator and the credibility of the certificates it provides. 

In the assessment process preceding the accreditation decision, it is ascertained that the operator fulfils the requirements for the presented scope described in the accreditation requirements. It must be possible to prove the correctness and comparability of the results.


FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service has demonstrated the competence of its operations through international peer evaluation process.  FINAS is a member in all international accreditation multilateral recognition arrangements (e.g. EA and ILAC).


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