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Proud to be Coordinator of the European Project AQUATECHinn 4.0

Sep 18, 2023
SGS is Proud to be Coordinator of the European Project AQUATECHinn 4 0

This project, made up of 14 partners, will develop innovative training from the latest technological and productive advances developed for the aquaculture sector.

SGS is pleased to be the consortium coordinator for AQUATECHinn 4.0, a training program which encompasses the latest technological and productive advances in the aquaculture sector.

Aquaculture is a strategic industry for Europe. A consortium of key European players in the European aquaculture sector, including business associations and aquaculture companies, universities, vocational training centers and research centers with experience in the sector, have come together to develop this cutting-edge training resource in response to new demands in the labor market.

Incorporating virtual reality and gamification, this program will use a number of pioneering technologies to help accelerate training for this important sector.

The main objectives of this 36-month project are to:

  • Improve the quality and skills developed in the European aquaculture sector, including new skills and reducing current mismatches in line with market demands
  • Familiarize students with digital diagnostic procedures to assess the status of different stages in the aquaculture farming process, transforming traditional aquaculture into aquaculture 4.0 through the promotion of digital learning of processes
  • Develop new educational methods to assess factors affecting production processes
  • Select the best procedures and best practices for technological development of aquaculture farms in Europe
  • Design, develop and share e-learning platforms that will host highly specialized educational resources
  • Enable connections and synergies between the vocational education and training and higher education systems within the business sector
  • Consolidate independent training service providers

This project meets the objectives of the ERASMUS+ innovation partnerships program as it aims to strengthen Europe's innovation capacity through cooperation and knowledge flow between higher education, vocational education and training and the socio-economic environment of the European aquaculture sector, including research. It also aims to strengthen the teaching of new skills, addressing mismatches through the design of a new curriculum.

The AQUATECHinn 4.0 training program will be available and open to teachers, trainers and volunteers from the aquaculture sector, as well as policy makers, researchers, media and academics active in the field of adult learning.

The consortium consists of the following partners:

  • SGS Tecnos (Spain) Coordinator
  • Fundación Universitaria San Pablo-CEU (Spain)
  • Universidade Do Algarve (Portugal)
  • Alma Mater Studiorum, Universita di Bologna (Italy)
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan University (Turkey)
  • Associazione Piscicoltori Italiani (Italy)
  • APA, Associacao Portuguesa de Aquacultores (Portugal)
  • Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori (Italy)
  • FEG Fishethogroup Association (Portugal)
  • M.A.R.E. SOC. COOP. A R.L. (Italy)
  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  • Comite National de la Conchyliculture (France)
  • Centro de Ciencias do Mar do Algarve (Portugal)
  • E-School, Mpirmpakos D & SIA OE (Greece)
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For further information, please contact:

Estefanía López Montesinos
EU Project Manager
t:+34 687691612

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